Ji Su Kwak

Living & working in Suwon, Korea

Balanced Talk, 2019
Brass balance scale and sugar

Balanced Talk is a perfectly leveled scale, with each side weighing a pile of sugar. The pile of sugar is placed to form a sentence, “WHY DONT YOU TALK” on one side and “YOU NEVER LISTEN” on the other.

Balanced Talk is an attempt at allowing a manufactured measuring tool to determine the weight of language and relationship. On a balance scale, the two eristic sentences lift, sink, and balance against each other.

균형잡힌 대화, 2019
놋쇠 저울대, 설탕

저울 양쪽에 설탕 더미를 올려 놓아 완벽히 균형을 맞춘 천칭. 설탕 더미는, 한쪽에는 ‘WHY DON’T YOU TALK’(왜 말을 안해) 다른 한쪽에는 ‘YOU NEVER LISTEN’ (넌 듣질 않아) 라고 읽히도록 쌓여있다.