I’ve Been Around (For A While), 2018-ongoing
Oil pastel on tracing paper
6 x 8”

But I Am Already Doing It, 2018 Cotton, rope, vinyl, and pastel 24 x 23 x 4”

There Was Tension In Him, 2018
Plaster, tube, rope, globe ball, pastel, stickers, acrylic, pillow, and graphite
11 x 27 x 44”

I Will Never Be The One To Say It, 2018
Plaster, wire, beads, feather, hair tie, print out, sequins, pastel, foam spray, and gemstones
34 x 56 x 20”
She Lives And Dies For That, 2018 Clay, inkjet print, pastel, acrylic, graphite 24 x 23 x 4”