I Love You, 2015
A strand of hair, a glass cup, a tile sheet
16 x 18 x 16"

I Love You is a strand of my hair, knotted and curled to spell the word, "I Love You," that is covered with an upturned glass. As the audience is free to lift the glass up and touch the hair, the strand of hair may wander around the plinth according to the flow of air or by breath.

Sorry, 2013
A strand of hair
1.8 x 3.7"

A strand of my hair was knotted and curled, and was transformed to spell the word, "Sorry".

He Said He Would Love Me, 2013

He Said He Would Love Me is a collection of photographic images that were taken after the two canes were taken apart from the photoshoot of Untitled(canes).

Untitled (canes), 2013
Laser print on photo paper

Untitled(canes) is a heavily photoshopped image of two canes that look like they are leaning against one another.

The Bread, 2013
Unleavened bread made out of bath water and flour
4.5 x 8 x 5.9"

I washed myself with flour and water, and reused the flour and the bathwater to bake a bread. At the end I ingested The Bread.

Click here to watch the video documentation

Untitled, 2012
Print on photo paper
18 x 18"

Untitled is a photographic image of the inside of an ice cream package after a popsicle has been removed.