Map of the World, 2017-ongoing
EuroGraphics Map of the World Puzzle (1000-pieces)

Map of the World is an on-going project in response to the history of the universally recognized map of the world that is deeply rooted in colonialism and romanticization of the unknown – particularly in nature, geography, and ethnicity. Using a self-imposed system to ignore the image printed on the puzzle and by assembling the pieces according to their physical shapes, the map of the world is reconfigured. The assembly of the Map of the World is never to be completed; it will continue to transform.

More images will be added as the assembly progresses.

In Abeyance, South Korean Flag, 2017
Bronze castings on steel rods
60 x 3.5 x 6”

On March 1, 2017, the 98th anniversary of Samiljeol, marking Korea’s push towards independence from Japan, many South Korean citizens refused to hoist the national flag to avoid the misapprehension that they opposed the impeachment of president Park Geun-hye. The South Korean flag – which was overwhelmingly used as an emblem, shield, and weapon by agitators who supported president Park – has gradually become the symbol of a political group advocating capitalism, pro-American policies, and objection to reunification of two Koreas.

In Abeyance, South Korean Flag is an attempt to both dismantle and vacate the symbolic function of the South Korean flag as a tool of communication, support, violence, resilience, and surrender. The recreation of the flagpoles strictly follows governmental regulation in its measurement, color, and material. Nevertheless, with its absent flag, forged poles, and worn down quality, seemingly from disregard of the proper storing methods as well as the meaning of flag-raising, the flagpoles now embody limitless potential for all function, if not none.

Untitled (praying bench), 2017
Walnut, masonite sheets, gears, steel rods, aluminum block, velvet, varnish, vinyl coated polyester, cotton rope, and a perforated golf ball
33.5 x 72 x 72”

Untitled (Praying Bench) is a wooden structure with three kneeling seats and installed cranking handles. The audience may kneel on the bench and rotate the handles in a praying motion to manipulate the ends of the vinyl coated polyester, causing the perforated golf ball to subtly move.

Click here to watch the video documentation

Safety First
, 2017

MDF, wall paint, spray paint, varnish, cement, graphite, and door hinges
71.3 x 382.8 x 11”

Fences used as road blocks with prescribed words in Korean, meaning “Safety First,” are recreated into a folding screen encompassing its function as backdrop, defense, and decoration.

Landscapes, June 22, 1965, 2016
Hand and digital embroidery on muslin
6.5 x 11”, 14.5 x 8”, 6.5 x 5.5”, 9 x 8.5”, 14.5 x 8.5”

Transformation of five found newspaper articles from June 22, 1965 recording different protest sites throughout South Korea concerning the treaty between Korea and Japan, specifically including “comfort women” and the ownership of Dokdo Island. Words removed as they are no longer readable in today’s Korean language.

Handmade Origami Rice Paper with Asian Hair and Skin, 2016
A package of 16 sheets of handmade origami paper made out of my hair, skin, and rice
5 x 5”

"Amazingly simple and incredibly beautiful! Handmade origami rice paper with Asian hair and skinmeasuring 5 x 5" is ideal for accurate folding and creasing for all your origami creatures and objects. This handmade paper is comprised of 60% abaca pulp, 30% Asian hair and skin, and 10% rice and is slightly transparent with thin, silky black hair."

Handmade Origami Rice Paper with Asian Hair and Skin is a package of 16 sheets of handmade origami paper that is made out of my hair, skin, and rice. The audience is invited to create any of their imaginary creatures and objects with these exotic pieces of paper, while my YouTube Origami tutorial video can instruct how to make a jumping frog for beginners.

Link to YouTube Origami Tutorial: How to make a Jumping Frog